Lipid Analysis

Seven major sections deal with various aspects of the analysis of lipids from chromatography to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. There is also a substantial section providing comprehensive lists of references on different aspects of lipid analysis, together with a current awareness service.

A number of short articles on analysis together with longer review articles from 'Advances in Lipid Methodology - One and Two' (by kind permission of P.J. Barnes & Associates).

The chemical shifts (1H and 13C) for a wide range of fatty acids and their derivatives are described in these articles by Frank Gunstone and Gerhard Knothe.

These articles deal with both theoretical and practical aspects of this important topic. The main item is an important review of the technique by Boryana Nikolova-Damyanova, but other short topics are being added as time permits.

Modern methods based mainly on mass spectrometry for detailed structural analysis of intact lipids. We have great plans for this section and the first articles are now online.

In addition, there are several web documents dealing with analytical topics in our frying oil pages.

Updated: June 10th, 2011