Silver Ion Chromatography of Lipids

The Authors: Boryana Nikolova-Damyanova and William Christie

Silver ion chromatography has been one of the more important techniques in the armoury of lipid analysts for nearly 50 years. In these pages, we will review the technique from both theoretical and practical standpoints.

Review of Silver Ion Chromatography

An important review was published by the Oily Press in 1992, and as it is now out of print they have kindly given us permission to reproduce it on this website.
Nikolova-Damyanova, B. Silver ion chromatography and lipids. In: Advances in Lipid Methodology - One. pp. 181-237 (Ed. W.W. Christie, Oily Press, Ayr) (1992).

Aspects of Silver Ion Chromatography

Theoretical Considerations

Practical Procedures

Further original articles will be added here as time and other professional commitments permit.  The most important recent review on the topic is that published by the Oily Press - now Elsevier - Nikolova-Damyanova, B. Lipid analysis by silver ion chromatography. In: Advances in Lipid Methodology - Five. pp. 43-123 (Ed. R.O. Adlof, Oily Press, Bridgwater) (2003).