Ethel N. Jackson, Ph. D.

Ethel Jackson

Ethel Jackson is DuPont Fellow, Industrial Biosciences.  As a DuPont Fellow, her responsibilities include providing advocacy for science across the company and scientific counsel to inform future business decisions.   From 1987 until joining IB in 2015, she has held various biotechnology research leadership positions in the Corporate Research and Development organization at DuPont.  During her tenure at DuPont, Dr. Jackson has led teams that have developed metabolically engineered micro-organisms to produce fine chemicals by microbial fermentation;   for example, the production of omega-3 fatty acids by engineered Yarrowia. She also led  a group responsible for research on environmental issues of importance to the company.  She currently leads research programs developing core technology for engineering microbial cell factories, including programs to expand the functionality and utility of precision gene editing methods.  Before joining DuPont, she was Assistant Professor of Microbiology at the University of Michigan Medical School, and Research Director at Genex Corporation, one of the country’s first biotechnology companies.

Dr. Jackson received an A. B. degree in biology from Harvard University and a Ph. D. from Stanford University in molecular biology.  In her Ph. D. work, she was the discoverer of a key regulatory element controlling gene expression in bacteria.  She did post-doctoral work in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Michigan Medical School before accepting a faculty appointment in the Department of Microbiology there.