Emeritus Professor Frank D. Gunstone BSc, PhD, DSc, FRSE, FRSC, C. Chem.


Frank Gunstone was trained in Liverpool (1940-46) and was a University teacher first in the Universities of Glasgow (1946-54) and then in St Andrews (1954-89). He was appointed Professor in 1971 and Professor emeritus on his "retirement" in 1989. While holding his chair in St Andrews he held two senior administrative appointments; Dean of the Faculty of Science (1973-76) and Vice-Principal of the University (1977-81). He is the author or co-author of over 300 publications covering many aspects of lipid science.

He delivered the Hilditch Lecture (Liverpool, 1975) and the Kaufmann Lecture (Marseilles, 1976) and has received the Lipid Award of the AOCS (USA, 1973), the Chevreul Medal (France, 1990), Normann Medal (Germany, 1998), the Bailey Award of the AOCS (2005) and the Chang Award of the AOCS (2006). He was elected a Fellow of the AOCS in 1999. He held visiting lectureships in India (1970), Argentina (1973), New Zealand (1989), Uruguay (1989), Argentina and Uruguay (1994), and USA (1999) and has served on many committees involved in lipid science. These include the Society of Chemical Industry, The Royal Society of Chemistry, the International Society for Fat Research, and the American Oil Chemist Society. He has had several consultancy appointments and is now a consultant to the Lipid Analysis Unit of Mylnefield Research Services Ltd and holds an honorary appointment in the James Hutton Institute.

Since "retirement" in 1989 Frank Gunstone has published almost 100 research papers and books (as editor or author) and given about 60 lectures in addition to those that have been part of a teaching course on lipids given either by himself or in conjunction with others. The Lipid Handbook (over 1200 pages) has sold over 2500 copies in its three editions and Fatty Acid and Lipid Chemistry (1954, 1963, and 1996) has been used by many lipid scientists as their introduction to this field of science.

He is editor of Lipid Technology, a member of several Editorial Boards and referees papers on (too) many occasions.  E-mail: fdg1@st-andrews.ac.uk

Selected Recent Publications

Author of regular articles on oilseeds, oils and fats, and oil meals published each month in Lipid Technology, Lipid Technology Newsletter, and INFORM.

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