Professor Emeritus Donald L. Palmquist


Dr. Palmquist earned a PhD in Nutrition at the University of California at Davis. He then studied dairy cattle metabolism as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Illinois. In 1967 he joined the Department of Dairy Science at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center/The Ohio State University. His research was focused on lipid metabolism and milk synthesis; major contributions were development of calcium soaps as an inert lipid energy supplement for high-producing dairy cattle and using lipid supplements to modify the fatty acid profile of milk fat. He has lectured widely, both domestically and internationally, on these topics.

Dr. Palmquist has received the American Feed Industry Association and American Cyanamid research awards from the American Dairy Science Association and the Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award from the Federation of Animal Science Societies and is a Fellow of the American Dairy Science Association. He retired from active research in 2000, but continues to write and lecture on topics of dairy cattle feeding and metabolism and on the nutritional value of milk.

Selected Publications

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Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, The Ohio State University, Wooster, OH 44691, USA