Professor John L. Harwood, B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.

John Harwood

John Harwood received his B.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry and Pharmacology from the University of Birmingham (U.K.) in 1966. After doing his Ph.D. on inositol lipids with Prof. J. N. Hawthorne he visited Paul Stumpf’s lab. at the University of California, Davis 1969-71. After a spell as MRC Fellow at the Univ. of Leeds he moved to Cardiff first as a lecturer, then reader and was given a Chair in 1984. He was awarded a D.Sc. in 1979 and has received prizes such as the Tate and Lyle, the Terry Galliard, ISF International and the Kunio Yagi awards. He has authored three books (e.g. Lipid Biochemistry), edited 15 volumes (e.g. The Lipid Handbook) and has some 580 scientific publications. He was Director of the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University 2004-2010 and is currently Deputy Director. In 2010 he was elected an honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and in 2011 received the Supelco-Nicolas Pelick award and was elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.

For a hobby, John does rock climbing. He has made over 1100 first ascents spread over four continents, and he has written several guide books.

School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF10 3AX, Wales, U.K.