Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen, MSc

Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen 

Willem received his MSc degree in Food Chemistry & Technology from Wageningen University in 1970. After various international jobs in the oils and fats industry at Unilever, Eridania Beghin Say, Central Soya and Solae-Dupont, Willem founded Lecipro Consulting company in 2004 (www.lecipro.nl). He has eminent expertise in lecithin, phospholipids, vegetable proteins, oils & fats, food emulsions and processing, serving the food industry. He is executive director of the Internationl Lecithin and Phospholipid Society ILPS, organizing short courses and conferences. Within AOCS he is active in Phospholipid Division and was contributing editor for AOCS –INFORM magazine.

Lecipro Consulting, Dusseldorperweg 25, 1906AH Limmen, Netherlands

e-mail: willem@lecipro.nl