Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen O. Metzger


1960-1968   Study of chemistry in Tübingen, Erlangen, Berlin and Hamburg
1971   Ph. D. thesis "On the reduction of transition metal halides by durch aluminium alkyls" with H. Sinn, University of Hamburg
1974   Scientific assistant for chemistry at the University Oldenburg
1980   Senior Scientist for chemistry at the University Oldenburg
1981   Océ-van-der Grinten Award for promotion of science in the area of environmental protection
1983   Habilitation for organic chemistry at the University of Oldenburg with the work "Thermally initiated radical reactions at elevated temperatures and high pressures.“
1991   Appointment as Professor for Organic Chemistry
1994   August-Claas Award "Renewable Raw Materials"
2007   Wöhler Prize for resource-saving processes of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
2009   Normann medal of the German Society of Fat Science (DGF)

More information and publications:

Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Oldenburg, Germany