Dr. Ursula Biermann

Dr. Ursula Biermann

1972 – 1976   Study of food chemistry at the Technical University of Hannover and at the University of Munich
1977 – 1979   Ph. D. (Technical University of Munich); Title of Ph. D.-thesis: Identification of bitter-tasting compounds from stored oat flour
1981 – 1983   Research assistant at the Veterinary faculty, University of Munich. Research project : Development of an ELISA of aflatoxin M<
Since 1987   Senior researcher at the Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry of the University of Oldenburg working on the synthesis of novel fatty compounds using natural oils and fats as chemical raw materials. The main focus of the studies lies in Lewis acid induced, radical, and thermal addition reactions to the C,C-double bond of unsaturated fatty compounds.

On working in research and development of new oleochemicals from renewable raw materials, Ursula Biermann published numerous scientific papers in international refereed scientific journals. In 1994 she received the "August – Claas – Forschungspreis“ in recognition of excellent work on "Native Oils and Fats – Renewable Raw Materials for the Chemical Industry – Synthesis of New Oleochemicals“.

Selected Reviews

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Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Oldenburg, Germany

e-mail: ursula.biermann@uni-oldenburg.de