Major Producing and Consuming Countries/Regions - China

Oils and Fats in the Market Place

In 2011/12 59.1 million tonnes of oilseeds (mainly groundnut or peanut, soybean, and rapeseed) were grown in China. Much of this was crushed locally to produce vegetable oils mainly for human consumption and seed meals used predominantly for animal feed. However, seed supplies were insufficient for local needs and for indigenous seed crushing capacity so an additional 62.3* million tonnes were imported, which was almost entirely soybeans [59.2 million tonnes]. Total crushing of 96.3* million tonnes of oilseeds yielded 21.0 million tonnes of oil. A further 9.2* million tonnes of oil was imported (mainly palm oil [5.8 million tonnes] and soybean oil [1.5 million tonnes]). Chinese consumption for all purposes was 29.2* million tonnes and was mainly soybean, (11.9 mt) rapeseed (6.2 mt), palm (5.8 mt), and groundnut (2.6 mt). In addition to these vegetable oils there was a sizable production of lard and tallow. The four figures marked with an asterisk place China highest in each category (seeds imported, seeds crushed, vegetable oils imported, and vegetable oils consumed) and thereby emphasise the dominance in China in vegetable oil trade and consumption.