Chemistry Analysis and Nutritional Aspects

Frying Oils 

Frying in vegetable oils is one of the simplest methods of turning raw food ingredients into palatable meals. Oils are refined prior to use to remove components that might adversely affect the quality of the oil. During this process, some unwanted side reactions may occur. Similarly, during frying, changes can occur in the frying oil, including oxidation, cis/trans-isomerization and cyclization. These have the potential to affect the taste and produce undesirable nutritional effects in consumers. Understanding the chemistry of this process is the first step in ameliorating unwanted side effects, and we must have efficient methods of analysis of the by-products if we are to study the chemistry and nutrition of frying oils. The documents in this section have been produced by experts in this field who have been long-term collaborators in most aspects of frying with vegetable oils.



Nutritional Aspects


Updated: December 22, 2011