Oils and Fats

Whatever our interest in lipids, we all encounter oils and fats daily at meal times and in all our visits to the supermarket. In the Western world, 35-40% of our diet is made up of oils and fats whether they be in dairy or other animal products, spreads, confectionary items or cooking oils. In this section, we consider the basic chemistry and technology of oils and fats, and what happens to them when they are processed or used by consumers as in frying. In one section, we salute the pioneers in the subject. We consider oils and fats also as major items of commerce, which can even sustain national economies.

Oils and Fats in the Market Place

These pages by Frank Gunstone are devoted to market matters concerning oilseeds, oils and fats, and oil meals. and cover the major oils and fats commodities and the main countries/regions where they are produced, traded and consumed for food and non-food purposes.

Edible Oil Processing

These web documents explain the various technological processes, from extraction to chemical modification via refining, which are undergone by vegetable oils before they reach the consumer

Frying Oils

In these pages, we have aim to cover the chemical, analytical and nutritional aspects of the changes that occur when oils are heated during frying.

Lipid Chemistry

Reactions of the fatty acyl moieties of lipids both at double bonds and at carboxyl groups are important both in biology and for industry - from cosmetics to detergents.

Selected Patents Relating to Oils and Fats

Patents will be listed after they are published in Inform.

Novel Oils

These web documents summarize the chemical composition, properties and uses of non-mainstream, under-utilized, specialty oils with under-realized commercial potential. 

There are also many pages that are relevant to the topic of Oils and Fats in the sections of the website - "A Lipid Primer" and "Analysis".

Updated: August 2nd, 2011