Selected Topics in the Analysis of Lipids

The articles in this section are designed to give an introduction to aspects of lipid analysis that are of special interest at this time. In addition, there are some more substantial reviews from the Advances in Lipid Methodology'series by Dr. William W. Christie. We are grateful to P.J. Barnes & Associates (The Oily Press) for permission to reproduce this material. Many more original documents will appear here as time permits with many different authors. Further relevant articles are available in other subsections of the Analysis component of this site.

Review Articles from 'Advances in Lipid Methodology - One and Two'

(by William W. Christie)

General Methodology

Fatty Acid Analysis


Mass spectrometry

Other Chromatographic Methods


Some of the documents are available in PDF format via a link at the end of the web page. Some articles from this section, which were believed to be outdated, have been placed in an Archive file, where they can be accessed if required.

Updated September 9, 2014