Acetylenic Fatty Acids and Derivatives

1H-NMR Spectroscopy of Fatty Acids and Their Derivatives

Table 1 contains some information on the 1H-NMR characterization of octadecynoic acids. Protons propargylic to triple bonds resonate at 2.05 to 2.3 ppm. The signals are split depending on the proximity of one of the triple bonds to C1 or the proximity of the triple bonds to each other. Similar values were given by Kannan et al. (1974) for stearolic acids (octadecynoic acids). In 10-undecynoic acid, the C11 proton was observed at 2.3 ppm and the C9 protons at 1.9 ppm. See also Frost and Gunstone (1975).

Table 1


The 11a to 15a isomers are identifiable by the absorption of the terminal methyl group, which is for these isomers (Frost and Gunstone, 1975): 11a: 0.895, 12a: 0.905, 13a: 0.925, 14a: 0.950, 15a: 1.095 (spectra in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)). For the 16a isomer, the values for CH3 at 1.72; C15 at 2.04, C14 at 1.40 and for the 17a isomer the values for C18 at 1.765; C16 at 2.125, C15 at 1.505 were characteristic.

Some other values of structural moieties containing triple bonds are given in Table 2.

Table 2


Gunstone et al. (1969) presented data on octadecadiynoic acids using the τ scale (TMS = 10 ppm).

9,12-Diunsaturates with double and/or triple bonds were also analysed (Gunstone and Jacobsberg, 1972; Table 3). Values for bis-propargylic protons at C11 are at 2.98 ppm, otherwise C11 protons are found at 2.62-2.79 ppm.

Table 3



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