Mass Spectrometry of Fatty Acids Derivatives

Unless otherwise stated, these pages were written by Dr. William W. Christie and deal with the application of mass spectrometry with electron-impact ionization to determine the structures of fatty acids in the form of various derivatives. If you are new to the subject, you may wish to first consult -

Further articles on mass spectrometry are available in the Lipidomics and Selected Topics in Analysis sections of this web site. PDF files can be downloaded from a link at the end of documents to give you an instantly accessible or printable record.

Tutorials on the Interpretation of Mass Spectra of Fatty Acid Derivatives and Related Lipids

The Basics

Methyl esters of fatty acids

Pyrrolidine derivatives of fatty acids

Dimethyloxazolines (DMOX) of fatty acids

3-Pyridylcarbinol ('picolinyl') esters of fatty acids


Miscellaneous substituted fatty acids (various derivatives) and other lipids

Archives of Mass Spectra

All our mass spectra (1994 in total) are made available for study or reference here but without interpretation.

Bibliography of Mass Spectra: References lists for mass spectrometry of lipids - see our literature survey menu.

Updated February 7, 2014